Services and Features

Outdoor & Indoor Storage Facilities

At Hastings Storage and Service, we have the space you need regardless of whether you are looking for business storage or personal storage space.

Perfect Storage Solutions

Your garage or basement may run out of space, with things bursting out and making the place messy.

Are you in need of temporary storage space?

No worries.

At Hastings Storage and Service, we have the perfect storage solutions tailor-made for you. Our services are flexible and convenient. We lease our storage spaces at affordable prices.

Extra Space To Store Your Belongings

At Hastings Storage and Service, our storage units come in a variety of sizes to help you with some extra space to store your belongings. The storage facility is equipped with tons of convenient features.

Store anything you want in a comfortable, clean, and stress-free way.

Convenient Service Features

  • Owner on-site
  • Easy in & easy out
  • Gated keypad entry
  • Locked indoor storage
  • Well-maintained grounds
  • Parking is on class 5 (Gravel)
  • Pull-through and back-in spots
  • No visibility of the lot from the street